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Manish Anand - The Man Behind the Makhana Mission

Embark on a fascinating journey with Mithila Naturals, a visionary for-profit brand led by the enterprising Manish Anand. Driven by an insatiable passion, he sought to unveil the world to a miraculous superfood in the most nourishing and hygienic way, aligning perfectly with modern preferences.

This captivating tale began with a single man's unyielding resolve to breathe life back into the cultivation of Gorgon nuts, nestled in the heart of a remote Mithila village, Arer, Madhubani. His grand vision extended beyond boundaries, aiming to not only empower local farmers and communities with sustainable livelihoods but also to capture hearts both domestically and internationally.

After a remarkable career of 20 years in national and global leadership positions, Manish Anand felt a deep yearning to return to his ancestral village. His family has always embraced a religious and spiritual way of life, with a strong emphasis on education. From the outset, he imbibed the value of hard work from his father. Upon reconnecting with his village roots, he found himself captivated by the cultivation of gorgon nuts, also known as makhana.

Dedicating himself to this newfound interest, Manish delved into the intricacies of the process and immersed himself in understanding the complex network of individuals and entities involved in the makhana trade. His exploration encompassed learning about the trade cartel and the people who actively engage in makhana commerce, as well as gaining a comprehensive understanding of the entire ecosystem surrounding this endeavour.

Bihar experiences abundant rainfall throughout each season. While Manish Anand savored the serenity of countryside living, he felt a lack of purpose in his life. A profound determination stirred within him to create something that would anchor him to his roots year after year. Realizing that Bihar accounts for nearly 90 percent of the world's makhana production, he saw an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution.

For the subsequent two years, he devoted himself to in-depth research on the makhana market. This endeavour was undertaken independently, embarking on a solo journey of exploration. In 2014, he took a significant step by purchasing a small farm and commencing makhana cultivation. His focus extended beyond just farming; he meticulously analysed the makhana market, delved into trade practices, identified supply chain challenges, and meticulously mapped out the entire sales journey.

With his makhana model nearing completion, Manish Anand decided to test the market's response by participating in a food exhibition in Delhi. To his delight, the response was overwhelmingly positive, and his makhana products sold out in no time. This initial taste of commercial acceptance served as a crucial milestone, boosting his confidence for the challenges ahead.

Undeterred by obstacles, Manish continued to toil diligently, and his persistence paid off handsomely. Gradually, he secured more significant victories by forging partnerships with large format retail stores. These strategic alliances allowed his makhana products to reach a broader consumer base, further establishing Mithila Naturals as a reputable brand in the market.

 "Makhana's Water to Platter" concept refers to the comprehensive approach adopted by Mithila Naturals, in bringing their makhana products from cultivation in water bodies to consumers' plates. This concept encapsulates the entire journey of makhana, from its sustainable cultivation in water bodies, harvesting, processing, and packaging, to finally reaching the consumers' platters as a nutritious and delicious snack or food ingredient.

The process starts with the careful cultivation of makhana in Bihar's water bodies, leveraging the region's natural advantage of heavy rainfall and fertile land. Mithila Naturals ensures responsible and eco-friendly farming practices to preserve the aquatic ecosystem and maintain natural balance. Once harvested, the raw makhana undergoes a meticulous processing and packaging stage to retain its inherent nutritional value and taste. Quality control measures are implemented at every step to ensure that highest standards are maintained.

The concept highlights the commitment of Mithila Naturals to offer premium-quality makhana products to consumers, providing them with a wholesome and guilt-free snacking option. By embracing the "Makhana's Water to Platter" philosophy, the brand not only promotes sustainable farming but also enriches the lives of consumers with a healthy and delicious superfood Makhana, enchanting taste buds and promoting well-being from tranquil waters to tantalizing platters.

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Starting with one man's determination to revive Gorgon nut cultivation in a remote Mithila village, the brand aims to empower farmers and communities with sustainable livelihoods while gaining recognition both domestically and internationally. Fuelled by purpose and a commitment to quality, Mithila Naturals thrives as a beacon of innovation and authenticity under the able leadership of Manish Anand.

So, join us in savouring this delightful superfood, one nurtured by passion, empowered by vision, and sourced from the purest of origins. Experience the essence of Mithila Naturals as we unite communities, delight discerning taste buds, and share the gift of nature's bounty with the globe!



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